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Medexam is an exam aid for medical students and doctors and others studying the biomedical sciences. It contains over 1850 searchable questions with detailed and comprehensive answers. Download and install and run the latest version of now. Use it through your medical school years and even for postgraduate exams and you will be better equipped on the wards and in the exams and it will help to reinforce your reading, tutorials and bedside teaching. Use the contained 1300 topic knowledgebase it as a desktop quick and reliable reference much quicker than googling facts and far more reliable.

Medexam is constantly being rewritten, improved and edited and so it is important that you upgrade so that all your information is accurate and up to date as possible. Medicine changes continuously. Once purchased updates are after that all free so you needn't delay until closer to the exams to purchase. Get it today.

MedExam Details

Medexam is useful for those doing Final MB, MRCP, MRCPI, MRCGP, RACGP, FRACP, DipGerMed, USMLE, PLAB, US Board exams. Many of the questions are simple true/false but there are also Extended matching questions and Best of fives and real clinical medicine cases. The questions are designed to teaching rather than just test. You should come away from each questions with a better understanding of the topic. The medexam interface puts you more in control. You can search for any questions, do questions in any order you wish and read any disease summary or search the knowledgebase. 


Medexam Core version with over 1850 Questions and Detailed Answers and also includes a searchable textbook of over 1300 entries of diseases and drugs for quick reference - Introductory offer of 19.99 (inc vat)

Who we are

Medexam was developed by our team led by Dr O'Kane who is a medical academic. He is a consultant in Stroke medicine a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians. He has many years experience in medical education. He is the author of Hospital Doctor 2013 and Pocketmednotes iphone app


Medexam runs on any windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. Some Apple users have been able to run it using software to allow windows programs to run using crossover. The questions and answers are stored on your computer so you are not dependent on websites or internet access. Install medexam on your desktop or laptop or netbook and do some exam preparation. To use Medexam simply unzip the files onto the desktop and click on the smiley face icon in the folder. You can copy the folder onto a USB stick and run it from there or onto the desktop at work without having admin access rights.

Download today at MedexamSetup.exe

Any queries or comments then write to me at

Subjects covered

Acute Medicine , Anaesthetics , Anatomy , Biochemistry , Cardiology , Cell Biology , Clinical skills , Dermatology , Data Interpretation , Diabetes , Endocrinology , Emergency medicine , Ear Nose Throat , Ethics , Haematology , Immunology , Gastroenterology , General Practice , Surgery , Geriatric Medicine , Gynaecology , Hepatology , Infectious diseases , Obstetrics , Oncology , Ophthalmology , Microbiology , Neurology , Paediatrics , Respiratory , Rheumatology , Pathology , Pharmacology , Physiology , Statistics , Therapeutics , Toxicology , Tropical medicine

Once purchased please run Medexam and go to the menu click on "register" -> "register medexam now" and send the code shown to and will send you the unlock code. You can have 2 codes per purchase so you can use it on two media. If you install it on a USB stick you can then run it from any computer. Medexam does not expire once purchased and all updates are free.


Start Medexam and go to the menu and press Register --> Register Medexam now. It should show you a screen with a code in the format of XXXX - XXXX. Please use copy and paste (ctrl-C and ctrl-V) to copy this code in an email to We will process it to unlock the software. It can be used on two 2 computers and we will provide an unlock for for both. It can be used on a thumb drive/usb stick with a single code. The purchase includes free updates for 2 years.


Installation Steps